NCIS: Los Angeles — Of Republican Pigs and Democrat Saviors

In chronicling the left-wing drum beat viewers are constantly subjected to by the entertainment industry we often find TV episodes that are stuffed full of anti-conservative messages and with this week’s NCIS: Los Angeles we were treated to one of the most blatant examples that has hit the airwaves in quite sometime.

The October 23 episode of the lesser of the NCIS series, titled Dead Body Politic, wasn’t like most TV shows where they slyly slip in a few anti-conservative comments here and there in a sort of unobtrusive manner. No, this one was rife with the most boring, old tropes you can imagine.

The episode centered around a hit-and-run murder of a staffer for a left-wing Democrat for Senate. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents (NCIS) immediately imagined that the real threat was to the candidate — a likely consideration, of course.

But as the plot developed what we got was one Hollywood stereotype after another about the candidates and their parties.

The Hispanic female candidate for whom the NCIS agents were worried was presented as the serious, idealist that was going to “change the world.” She supported women, liberal causes, and the Occupy Wall Street movement. And why not? She was, after all, “The People’s Politician,” as we are told.

In our first encounter with this wonderful candidate, when asked why someone might be targeting her she said that she was “trying to change the world” and of course people didn’t like that sort of thing. Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if we just let those liberals change the world like they should, eh?

The implication here is that it is just “obvious” that evil, mean, murderous Republicans would be out to kill liberal candidates just because they want to “change the world,” right? Of course, if that were truly the case, why do we have any left-wing politicians living through their campaigns in this country? Shouldn’t we have dead candidates all over the place? This is the sort of lie we get all the time, Hollywood saying that liberal candidates are at risk for their wonderful ideas and everyone is supposed to nod solemnly in agreement as if it is revealed truth.

The NCIS field director centered her own focus on one of the female NCIS agents asking her if she thought this female candidate was worth trying to help. Naturally the female agent called the liberal the sort of politician “that this country needs” and they decided to stick with the case. (Even though in real life this whole storyline would be out of the Navy’s jurisdiction, by the way.)

Next, the NCIS team went to interview one of the other candidates, this one the Republican incumbent.

The Republican candidate was, of course a pig of a man. He was shown as snarky with the woman, sexist, and portrayed simply as a gasbag, glad hander. He was every liberal’s perfect example of a loutish Republican.

As the agents approached him, this creepy Republican candidate shook the hand of one of the agents and mentioned that he “had Ike’s jaw line,” moving to give the young man a compliment, though in a blowhard-like way, naturally. The young NCIS agent was at first flattered that he was compared to Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in WWII and former Republican President (1952-1960).

But his female agent scornfully deflated he partner’s elation and said that it would only have been a compliment if he had instead compared the agent to President John F. Kennedy.


I won’t tell you how the murder plot wraps up as it isn’t pertinent to the discussion of the bias in the episode, but suffice to say the show ends with the scrappy, superior female Hispanic candidate “gaining” in the polls on the evil, loutish Republican.

The good guys winning in the end, eh? Isn’t that what we all love in entertainment. Well, as long as the good guys are left-wing, Occupy-loving, “people’s politicians.”

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