New Dem Idea: Can’t Win on Immigration? Then Stick Gay Issues in The Bill, Too!

Chicago’s Representative Luis Gutierrez has been finding few takers for his pro-illegal immigrant policies of late. But he and several Democrat lawmakers think they’ve found a way to increase support for their pro-illegal alien bill: add gay issues to it.

Once again it’s an Orwellian named bill, too. The pro-illegal alien supporters are calling this abomination the “Uniting American Families Act.”

The bill would allow gay couples from foreign countries to automatically bring in their gay partners and all their immediate family members into the United States when one of the pair has the fortune to make it across the border.

Why is it Orwellian? By Orwellian, of course, we mean the name of the bill says precisely the opposite of what it does. It’s Orwellian because a). gays aren’t considered a “family” in the U.S., b). they wouldn’t HAVE to be “united” if they’d stay in their own country, and c). they aren’t Americans in the first place. If the bill’s name were to be given a truthful ring to it, the thing would have to be called the “Bringing Foreign Homosexuals and Every Member of Their Family Into America Act.”

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Still, Orwellian or not, the act has been — if you’ll excuse the pun — married to Gutierrez’ pro-illegal immigrant policies because he can’t get his bill off the ground as things stand right now in Congress. And he’ll darn sure have an even tougher time after the Nov. elections. So, Gutierrez is in hopes that by adding the GayKK and its powerful lobby to his side he might force his anti-U.S. sovereignty ideas into law before the GOP can win enough seats to squelch his plans.

Sounds like the Chicago Way, doesn’t it? If you can’t win on the merits of your idea, make a back room deal.

Naturally, there is no GOP support for this monstrosity at this time. Let us hope this situation stays status quo and this bill goes the way of the Dodo.

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