New DNC Chair Claims He Wants To Build “57” State Parties [VIDEO]

New DNC Chair Claims He Wants To Build “57” State Parties [VIDEO]

What is going on with the progressive leftist Democrats and their constant obsession in getting numbers wrong? In this case the number is 57 – as in the number of states in the United States of America, right? I mean, no! Wait…right?!


Evidently not, at least according to the Marxist president Obama, who took office in 2008, who claimed while on the campaign trail that he’d visited 57 states and now newly elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and advocate of illegals in the country, Tom Perez’s goal is to “build 57 state parties that work.”

Really? 57?!

The Democrats have done it once again and chosen the old guard, old face and old strategy of money first – Democratic voters second. Perez was a huge Obama and Hillary supporter, having served in the former’s cabinet and having raised funds for the latter’s failed campaign for office.

Twitter was more than a bit ready for the chosen outcome, as many took to mocking the new pick as a joke. For example, here are a few of those Tweets:

Perez’s kabuki theater Tweet was also mocked:

This is all just a giant show. Business as usual. The Democrats have nothing to offer as far as fresh faces or new blood. I don’t see this feud between parties ending anytime soon. If they don’t bust up and become history, then they’ll just keep morphing into the grotesque, corrupted organizations they have become.

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