New Father Pfleger Reality TV Show: Blessing The Mayor’s Office

Those chickens have come home to roost… or at least they will during the upcoming mayoral election in the Windy City if the new reality TV show being shopped by Chicago’s incendiary Father Michael Pfleger is concerned.

Chicago’s gadfly Father Pfleger, close friend of Minister Louis Farrakhan, outspoken anti-gun crusader, sanctuary city supporter, and liberation theologist is the Southside religious leader who once openly wished for the death of a local businessman and also once said, “America is the greatest sin against God.” Pfleger has been the subject of many “reviews” by the Catholic Church and was once suspended after attacking Hillary Clinton as a “white person” who felt privileged because of her race.

New show producer, Bud Billikin of Chicago’s South Side Productions, Inc., has announced that the new show will follow the Father Pfleger as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, a run for Mayor of Chicago.

On Friday Pfleger is expected to announce his run against long-time Democrat strongman Richard Daley whose father, a Mayor before him, was famed for having “helped” JFK win the White House in 1960.

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“We expect quite a show,” Billikin told reporters. “The good Father has all sorts of great catch phrases to make his run interesting and what a speaker! Once these two get head-to-head in a debate the Father is sure to make Mayor Daley look like the bumbling, inarticulate fool he is.”

Upon news of this new reality show, major networks all across the dial have become intrigued by this epic battle between the Activist Catholic Father and his African American community and the long-time Mayor of Chicago with his Democrat machine dominated by white, Irish Democrats…

Oh, but wait… none of this would ever happen, would it? No such Father Pfleger show would ever end up getting a green light. No one in TV would ever want to embarrass the Democrats like this, would they?

Too bad the same can’t be said for a Republican. At least we can say that when considering the probable motives behind this idiotic new “reality” TV show that is supposed to feature the dim-witted Levi Johnston, famed for being a media-propped thorn in Governor Sarah Palin’s side, running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Palin’s home town.

Imagine if an idea like one I started this story with were true? Wouldn’t the left rise up in unison to destroy whomever suggested such an idiotic TV show starring the likes of a Father Pfleger? Wouldn’t the embarrassment for the left be too much for them to bear? Or what if a “reality” TV show following Paula Jones, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or Monica Lewinski were planned? Heck, what if there was proposed a 60 Minutes documentary on “the birth certificate” all meant to lead readers to wonder what the real truth was? In fact, not a soul in Hollywood would ever even dream of offering such shows as these. They’d never even be considered for a second.

Yet the producer for this vapid Levi Johnston whose 15 minutes has been up for years already is claiming that there’s “a ton of interest” in this insipid show following the empty-headed Levi Johnston.

So why might that be? Might it be that Hollywood and the Old Media establishment will do anything to stick a pin in Sarah’s possible run for the White House? Or if not trying to kill her possible campaign, at least trying at every turn possible to discredit it ahead of time?

It’s just some food for thought, isn’t it?

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