New Fund Started to Help Oppressed Christian Bakery Owner in Colorado Pay His Legal Bills

After the state of Colorado took away the religious freedom of a bakery owner in the Centennial State and was “convicted” of being a hate monger for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple who didn’t really want a cake but were instead shopping for a cause to become famous for. Now, after that conviction, the Christian bakery owner is left with hundreds of thousands in fines and legal bills. Now YOU can help him pay it off.

There is now a fund started to which you can donate to help this oppressed Christian get out from under the ruinous debt the state of Colorado heaped on him. The Daily Signal has the story

Family and friends of a Christian cake designer hope to help him with a fundraising campaign after a Colorado court ruled Thursday that he must create cakes for same-sex weddings despite his religious beliefs.

“Cake artist” Jack Phillips has said his bakery, Masterpiece Cakeshop, has lost more than a third of its receipts since he stopped making all wedding cakes while the case makes its way through the legal system.

“We hope it will relieve some of the financial pressure on Jack,” his brother-in-law, Jim Sander, said of the new fundraising effort in a phone interview Friday with The Daily Signal. “A business that has a 10 percent loss is a big deal in the Wall Street Journal. So a 40 percent loss is a big hit.”

Here is where you can go to donate: Support Jack Phillips. His page us up and running and you can donate now.

Here is the message on the page…

Help Jack Phillips and his family as they fight for their freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The Colorado Court of Appeals ruling denies him these freedoms. Let’s encourage Jack as he stands for our freedom as well as his.

Jack Phillips is a cake-design artist and owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop. Jack was born an artist. He found he could design and sculpt using cake, paint and a food color palette, using “icing as his canvas.” Jack opened Masterpiece Cakeshop in September 1993, that’s more than 20 years in business.

Here’s what happened:

– In July 2012, two men came in asking for a wedding cake for their wedding.

– Jack said, “I don’t make cakes for same-sex weddings, but I’ll sell you anything else in my shop, cookies, brownies.” The two men left the shop cursing and flipping him off according to court records. The whole incident took less than 30 seconds.

20 minutes after the men left, the phone at the bakery started ringing off the hook from angry homosexuals across the country saying the most vile, hateful things about Jack–and about Jesus. The calls were so vile, Jack would not allow the employees to answer the phone for weeks. The 2nd day, a caller threatened to kill Jack as well as anyone in the bakery. His face book page was trashed and his inbox filled up with disgusting, hate-filled email about Jack–and about Jesus.

“I don’t make cakes for same-sex weddings, but I’ll make you anything else in my shop, cookies, brownies.”–That was all Jack said, and for that he has been sued and harassed daily. He has been compared to the Nazi Holocaust and to slave owners by his own government, by Diann Rice, a member of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission:

Note: During WWII, Jack’s dad, Wayne Phillips, actually fought the Nazis all the way through France and Germany including the D-Day landing and the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded by the Nazis and received a Purple Heart. He assisted in the liberation of Buchenwald, a concentration camp. Jack grew up knowing about the horrors of the holocaust, and he and his family are very offended by the Colorado state government making and condoning this comparison. Click on the “PHOTOS tab” to see two maps on which Jack’s dad wrote about his involvement. (Maps from The American Heritage Picture History of World War II by C.L. Sulzberger.)

These attacks are intended to drive Jack out of business. To avoid further harassment and lawsuits and because of the ruling, he has chosen to follow a law that takes away his freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and he has stopped making wedding cakes while his case goes through the courts. Revenue has fallen by about 40% since he stopped making wedding cakes! (As stated in court briefs, for 20 years, Jack has declined to make Halloween cakes, pornographic cakes, profane cakes, etc. Nor would he make Hitler cakes, KKK cakes, or anything of that kind if he were asked.)

Listen to Jack describe what happened.

Let’s support Jack!

To raise funds to support Jack Phillips and protect his freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 100% of the funds received will be used to support Jack.

Warner Todd Huston

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