New Hollywood Movie Says Islam Destroyed by 2012!

Roland Emmerich’s new end-of-the-world disaster film 2012 has a rollicking good time destroying every monument to man’s architectural genius in the world. The Sistine Chapel goes kablooie, as does the Vatican and the giant Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The White House gets flattened, too. All man’s most well known landmarks get turned to dust by Emmerich’s over-the-top movie effects team.

But by the time the year 2012 rolls around, director Roland Emmerich is obviously saying that Islam has already been wiped off the face of the Earth before the end came. There are no Saudi scenes of mayhem and destruction in his film. No Iranian landmarks get caved in, no destruction of Mecca and Medina are shown in Emmerich’s mashup masterpiece.

One can only conclude that Roland Emmerich has decided that Islam has been whipped out by an enraged western civilization before the year 2012. Emmerich is obviously saying that all Muslims have been put to death and all Muslim holy sites will have been erased from the earth long before 2012 comes to end all of civilization.

Well, what other conclusion can you come to when it is realized that director Emmerich has decided not to show any Muslim sites being destroyed in his film about the end of the world? I mean, if everything is being destroyed and he doesn’t show any Muslim sites getting mushified, he MUST be saying that there aren’t any Muslim sites left to mush by the time 2012 rolls around… right?

So, there you have it folks. Director Roland Emmerich is positing a total genocide of all Muslims and a complete erasure of their history from the planet before the year 2012.

Either that or Roland Emmerich is just another boring self-hating, Hollywood coward that delights in wishing destruction and death to be visited upon the very civilization that brings him fortune and fame. And, gosh… we don’t want that to be true, do we?

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