New Pro-Life Billboard With Obama Image From Group Warning of ‘Black Genocide’

Chicago, Illinois: A new pro-life billboard will be unveiled on March 29 on Chicago’s South side in a heavily African American area. The Chicago billboard will feature a graphic of President Obama with its message saying, “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.”

The display is sponsored by the pro-life group Life Always, the same group that put up a billboard in New York informing New Yorkers that abortion is no less than genocide against America’s black population.

The billboard in New York was so controversial that it only lasted a short time before it was taken down due to death threats and threats of violence issued by abortion activists.

The billboards urge viewers to go the the website of for further information. For the roll out of the New York billboard the website said, “60% of African-American babies in New York City never make it out of the womb. In 2009 there where 27,405 live births and 40,798 induced abortions.”

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We’ll have to see if this new billboard causes the same sort of row here in Chicago. It might not be as controversial, though. This new billboard is not nearly as incendiary in its message.

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