New York Education Commissioner Threatens Legal Action Against Parents Who Oppose Common Core

Rusty Weiss reports that the newly minted New York education commissioner, Mary Ellen Elia, has said parents that oppose the state’s loathsome Common Core miseducation policy are dangerous and has threatened legal action against them.

In a recent speech, Elia called parents “ignorant” and then threatened to arrest them for daring to oppose her policies.

MaryEllen Elia recently gave a keynote address to a conference held by Educators 4 Excellence, in which she described the need to educate people who support the opt out movement on why it is such a good thing.

Here are several statements in which she opines about parental ignorance on Common Core:

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“I believe that people involved in the opt out movement are not aware of the use and support that assessments can give to what happens in a school and in a classroom and/or what happens in a district.”

“So let me say this very clearly. I think opt out is something that is not reasonable.”

“I don’t agree with opt out. I will, uh, and am moving forward to do everything I can so that we can make sure that we don’t have our opt out in any way grow and in fact when people I think become more aware of the importance of having the assessments…”

See, it isn’t that Common Core is a dysfunctional system of arbitrary measurement of academic achievement, it’s that parents and students simply don’t know what’s good for them.

Elia also spoke of “ramifications” for the opt out movement.

“There are ramifications that can occur,” she warned. “I’m not saying what will occur, I’m just saying there are.”

That’s where we are in America today. If you oppose the government’s policy ideas the government threatens to prosecute you.

Warner Todd Huston

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