New York Times Slams Romney on Foreign Finances, Ignores Democrats’

The New York Times is aghast that Mitt Romney won’t succumb to demands from Democrats and the Old Media that he release enough of his financial records to suit them. In particular, the Times worries over Mitt’s Swiss bank account and foreign investments. But while the paper beats Romney up for his finances they ignore recent reports of all the Democrats that have similar financial holdings.

The Gray Lady begins claiming that Romney has “upended” the tradition of Presidential candidates releasing their financial records and goes on paragraph after paragraph raising suspicions over Romney’s finances. The Times focuses especially on Mitt’s foreign interests — yet the Times hasn’t even a modicum of proof to support the fears.

But while the Times attacks Mitt for having financial investments and accounts in foreign nations, there is no sense of that well worn phrase that so many journalists claim is one of the Old Media’s most important charges: balance.

The Times slams Romney for his Swiss bank account, but there isn’t a peep of all the high profile Democrats that have similar foreign financial interests. I guess the Times doesn’t feel a need to “balance” any report that is taking Republicans to task.

Speaking of Swiss banks, the very head of the Democrat National Committee has some nice fat bank accounts in that fair European nation. That and investments in Britain, Hong Kong, Germany and many other nations that don’t happen to be the United States. DNC chief Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, as el Rushbo calls her, has quite a nice foreign portfolio as it happens but I guess that sort of balance isn’t desired at the New York Times.

She’s not the only one, naturally. The Times could also have balanced its report by mentioning that the most powerful person in the White House, Obama’s Chicago crony Valerie Jarrett, has a $100,000 line of credit from an insurance investment in Bermuda. One isn’t just handed such huge lines of credit without substantial assets.

Then there is the second most powerful Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, who apparently has several million bucks sheltered in Swiss banks. Matt Welch from Reason has the details on that, so it isn’t like the Times wouldn’t have been able to find this information.

In fact, if you want to see the sort of guess work that Times now seems to base its reporting on, I’d guess that hundreds of members of Congress have deep assets overseas. Good investors are usually smart enough to diversify like that, after all.

I am sure there are a lot of sources that could have been used to balance the Times’ story on Mitt… if only the Times valued balance.

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