Newly Surfaced Video Shows What MLK’s Wife Truly Thought Of Sessions – STUNNING [VIDEO]

Newly Surfaced Video Shows What MLK’s Wife Truly Thought Of Sessions – STUNNING [VIDEO]

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One thing that has been a theme for the Democrats is to just call everything they disagree with “racist.” If there is a policy or a politician they dislike, they immediately jump into the conversation with accusations centered around race. Don’t get me wrong. I will be the first to say that there is a race problem in America. But I think it is mostly created and perpetuated by the media and left creating race issues out of nothing.

Cue Senator Session, now United States Attorney General.

He was responsible for helping end segregation in schools. He prosecuted KKK members. But when he is given a position from President Donald Trump, he is immediately labeled racist and persecuted by the media. Now a video emerges showing the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife speaking out and specifically thanking Sessions for his help.

“To [Troy State] President [Cameron] Martindale, to Senator Sessions, [Montgomery] Mayor [Bobby] Bright, Troy State Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr., Dr. Dorothy Height, Ms. Johnnie Carr, Juanita Abernathy, Mammie Till-Mobley, to all of the distinguished program participants and guests in this audience today, it’s a great honor and privilege for me to join you in celebrating the grand opening of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum,” Coretta Scott King said.

It is time Democrats stop using race as a means to an end rather than trying to actually remedy the problems within our society.

Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, called this “using the name of Martin Luther King Jr. and now Mrs. Coretta Scott King to get people’s emotions stirred so they cannot clearly get the message” of peacemaking.

She said it is “the old bait and switch, with the race card being played. … People will never look at the issues. People will never see the solutions. They’ll be angry and then we can slip our agenda in.”

Her final statement is exactly what we should be focusing on now. “But our family — we are peacemakers, we bring people together. … We do not divide people.”

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