Newt Gingrich: Winning in ’10 Means Utilizing the Power of 10

Joe Biden has been telling everyone that will listen to him that the summer of 2010 was “recovery summer.” In a way he was right, but only if we take up the banner and drive the socialists out of office in November. If we can get as many good conservatives and Republicans in office in November we truly will start the recovery that Joe was all fired up about but couldn’t implement.

Newt Gingrich has taken up the charge and launched an effort to organize ten million voters to support candidates who stand for creating jobs and sensible economic policies.

Newt reminds us of the economic disaster that has been the Obama “recovery”:

  • $1 Trillion Obamacare
  • $863 Billion “Stimulus”
  • $2.4 Trillion Additional Federal Debt
  • Jobs Killing Moratoriums on Offshore Oil Drilling

“In order to keep America the most prosperous nation on Earth,” Newt says, “we must replace those who would mortgage America’s future through the Democrats big-spending, job-killing agenda with principled, pro-job candidates. America only works when Americans are working. It’s that simple.”

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He is exactly right, of course.

But here is the annoying part. The life’s blood of politics is money and the left is swimming in it. Multi-millionaires like George Soros and his ilk not to mention unions control a flow millions of dollars into the pockets of Democrats all across the nation. On the other hand fiscally responsible Republicans and conservatives have only the people to fund them.

As annoying as it is, conservative candidates need money if they are going to beat the rich candidates on the left. That is why Newt Gingrich is launching his effort to raise money for good candidates.

Newt’s site is Go take a look and donate if you feel disposed. But baring that, pick your own candidates and donate. Which ever you do, we need to heed Newt’s warning that without support our candidates cannot win.

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