NJ Unions Hiding Behind Courts to Continue Ripping Off Taxpayers

The next level of obduracy by New Jersey’s government employee unions has been taken. The Communication Workers of America, the state’s largest government workers union, has filed a suit against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claiming he isn’t negotiating in good faith over the union’s healthcare contract.

You see Gov. Christie wants to change the contract so that the union members contribute up to 30% of their healthcare premium and introduce lower the cost benefit plans.

Unions are against the changes and are trying everything they can to stop the tax-saving schemes that Christie is trying to implement.

Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts sounded the exact right note.

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“This is just another episode of the same public relations circus that CWA and Hetty Rosenstein have continued to engage in,” Roberts said. “One can only conclude that they are frustrated with having to negotiate with an administration that is finally standing up for taxpayers for once.”


But this is just the point, here. Government unions have absolutely no interest in doing right by the taxpayers. In fact, just the opposite. Government union’s whole raison d’etre is to plunder the taxpayers. The taxpayers aren’t someone unions think about as anything other than a bottomless pit of money.

Worse, if the taxpayers finally begin to elect stewards of the public treasury like Chris Christie, folks who are concerned that the taxpayers get the best bang for their buck, in the minds of the unions the taxpayers become the enemy.

We, folks, we taxpayers are the enemy of government unions as far as they are concerned.

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