No Bias Zone: ‘Journalist’ Calls Tea Parties ‘Right-Wing Bloodfeasts’

One of my early blogging assignments was the media bias beat over at Newsbusters, so I became particularly attuned to picking up on how the Old Media toes that “unbiased” journalistic line. Unfortunately, in sometimes subtle ways their rhetoric is geared to smear Republicans in any way possible.

Here is a perfect example. Last week in a a Chicago-based report on Illinois Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady, NBC Chicago’s Edward McClelland described suburban tea party events as “right-wing bloodfeasts.”

Catch this unbiased reporting:

Brady attended a Tea Party in Oglesby on Tuesday night. Like most of the right-wing bloodfeasts he holds south of I-80, it wasn’t reported on in the Chicago media.

“Right-wing bloodfeasts”? Yeah, not too biased there, eh? And what was with the “he holds,” line anyway. Bill Brady was just attending the tea party event, not “holding” it. He had precisely nothing to do with the planning or organization of the event. Yet here is this media hack trying to make it seem as if the candidate is the main guy behind all the suburban “bloodfeasts.” Here is this maven of the Old Media implying that Brady is the guy organizing tea parties obviously attempting to smear the candidate with the tea parties in the minds of his readers.

Entirely dishonest writing.

Additionally, one wonders if old Eddie McClelland of Chicago’s NBC ever called an anti-war protest a “left-wing screamfeast,” or an anti-WTO rally a “left-wing commiefeast”?

One would doubt the possibility, of course.

This is the sort of underhanded rhetoric the Old Media uses in every market across the country as well as the national scene to come to the support of Democrats and to try to undermine the political right.

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