No More Identity Politics; Palin Proves Old School Feminism is Dead

(Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal)

Old school feminism is dead. And I say, good riddance.:  What is even more delightful is that old school feminists have hammered the final nail into their own coffin, by exposing themselves for what they truly are and what they truly believe. We can, partially, thank Sarah Palin for that. What we must not do, however, is start another round of identity politics and I’ve seen that creeping up of late. That must not be allowed to continue.

I wrote something recently about Sarah Palin and the new face of feminism, entitled Taking Feminism Back: Sarah Palin Endorses Nikki Haley for SC: Governor. My point was that conservative women are strong, capable and are fed up at having faux feminists (who are actually Femisogynists) constantly claim that they speak for us as they strive to turn all women into perpetual victims, at the mercy of big strong daddy government. We are also tired of motherhood being diminished and considered a detriment instead of an attribute. I was taking the term feminist back, not because it’s a necessary or even a desirable term, but so that the LEFT can no longer use it and can no longer continue to use identity politics as a wedge and a way to put people in race based and gender based boxes.

But, apparently some, even at the pro-Palin New Agenda, are now trying to turn Palin and other GOP women into typical Stepford Feminists. No. We must not allow that.:  Sarah Palin and the women of the GOP are “true feminists,” in the original intent of the word, yes. And the fact that the faux feminists on the Left are so up in arms about them using the term, which they have bastardized beyond recognition, attests to that fact.

But the term is not necessary.

The reason I’m happy that Palin and the “mama grizzlies” are in the forefront isn’t because they have girl parts. It is because of what they believe. It is because of the kind of people they are. It is that they are coming forward now, as freedom fighters. It is because, like it or not, it just so happens to be the women of the GOP who have the will and the fighting spirit at this time. That is what we need: leaders with spines, regardless of having breasts or not.

You see, while “Feminists/Femisogynists” were busily pant suiting themselves and trying to become men, other women were out there annihilating the glass ceiling, by raising their families and learning through actual living and perseverance. We didn’t learn by trying to be something we are not, but rather we learned by living. Most often in our wonderful small towns, none of which, in my experience are bitter.

We don’t rely on a victim mentality; we rely on ourselves and the love of our families. We don’t invent sexism with insane claims that marriage itself is sexist. We have no problem taking our husbands’ names, as we aren’t cuckoo pants and thus, realize that marriage isn’t some nefarious plot, but rather a loving bond. We want to share our name with our children, whom we don’t consider punishments.

Unlike Femisogynists, who invent victimization out of whole cloth, all while ignoring actual misogyny because they want to “tolerate” the “culture.” Instead, not blinded by a victim mentality, we realize there is no need for feminism here. We realize the true need is in Islamic countries where the women are taught from birth to be ashamed of being women. Instead of crying in our diaries at the thought of icky marriage and turning a blind eye because we don’t like George Bush, we actually care about true oppression and subjugation of women. The Feminist Hawk’s Nest at David Horowitz’s NewsReal proves that, and gets results.

Some wish to continue to ignore that and, instead, start up a new feminist movement here in America. I disagree completely. Particularly, with this post entitled Sarah Palin and the Feminist Revival:

We commend Sarah Palin for supporting women and embracing her gender.:  Brava!:  That is truly the way forward for our women leaders.:  And noteworthy in contrast to some women leaders in the Democratic Party like Speaker Nancy Pelosi who have sought to undermine female candidates.

But there is a worrying aspects in Palin’s new approach::  she has fallen into the trap of making abortion a centerpiece and trying to rebrand “feminism” into a conservative mantra.:  Blech and more blech!:  If you want proof positive that this is a losing strategy, look left to the largest national women’s organization which has seen its membership dwindle (to 10% of its peak).:  And look at polling data that suggests that only 20% of women are willing to use the word “feminist” about themselves (and 17% said they would welcome their daughters using that label).

Firstly, Palin and women like her embrace their gender by being a wife and a mother and a strong, accomplished woman.:  They do not embrace their gender in some cult-like or gang fashion by backing people solely because they have female parts and estrogen. That’s the antithesis of actual feminism, which should promote the fact that people should be judged on character and principles, not on their estrogen or lack thereof.:  Implying that Palin is endorsing those candidates just because they have fancy wombs is not only wrong, it diminishes them and their accomplishments.

Secondly, how is voicing one’s strongly held pro-life beliefs a “trap” and “blech?” What would be “blech” is remaining silent to the murder of the unborn. That also would not be “embracing her gender.” Abortion is harmful to women; it has indoctrinated a generation into believing that Motherhood is a detriment and that life itself is expendable.

In fact, that is really the only issue the Femisogynists care about and why they are so up in arms over Palin and other strong GOP women. They don’t care about women; they care about a pro-abortion agenda only.

Jessica Valenti disclosed that in her recent Washington Post article. While she was attempting to bash Palin and conservative women, she just ended up proving my point: Old school feminism, a form of misogyny itself, is dead.

She says:

If anyone – even someone who actively fights against women’s rights – can call herself a feminist, the word and the movement lose all meaning. And while part of the power of feminism is its intellectual diversity, certain things are inarguable. Feminism is a social justice movement with values and goals that benefit women. It’s a structural analysis of a world that oppresses women, an ideology based on the notion that patriarchy exists and that it needs to end….

But feminists – or anyone who cares about women’s progress – need to stop Palin from turning feminism into yet another empty slogan. Because “sisterhood” and meaningless rallying cries aside, American women need real feminism in their lives, not just the f-bomb.

Right, Jessica. By women’s rights, you of course mean abortion. It is also quite clear that “Feminism” has taught you only how to be a permanent child and a perpetual victim. It’s actually rather sad. I’d feel pity for you and your fellow Femisogynists, if not for the damage you have managed to do to women for so long. But, now, the word and the movement have lost all meaning, thankfully. It, and you, are irrelevant. The Stepford Feminists, walking only in lockstep with the leftist agenda, have gone the way of the dinosaur and it’s about time.

The rest of us have never embraced your victim mentality; we are not victims. We are people, the same way that men are. We are equal, yet different. We, unlike you, realize that is not mutually exclusive. We know that the only institutionalized sexism that exists in America is the cottage industry that the Left has created perpetuating the same. That ends now, if we ensure that we do not allow ourselves to fall prey to a new form of identity politics.

Women have come a long way, baby. Now, just throw off the last vestiges of that cloak of “feminist” victimhood once and for all. Truth to power? Yeah, that’s ours now, too. You know why? Because, you lie.


(Originally posted at NewsReal)

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