Not Your Daddy’s DNC. See How The Dems Convention SCREAMED UN-AMERICAN!

Not Your Daddy’s DNC. See How The Dems Convention SCREAMED UN-AMERICAN!

If this is what we can expect from the Democrats, now…we are in dire straights.


1. The All-Out Worship Of Their Religion – Socialism.

The Democratic Party today is the the party of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism…all those evil ideas that have caused the death of millions over the last 100 years. At the forefront of these are people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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“The dynamism within the party arises right now from its left-wing faction, led by politicians like Mr. Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.”

2. The Murder Of Babies, All The Time.

The Democratic Party is the party of baby killers. Let’s stop softening the reality of the issue. They push for Planned Parenthood and they do it with federal taxpayer money. Our money.

You may detest it, but we contribute to the slaughter.

3. Anti-Police Activists Are Our NEW ‘Nation’s Finest’.

“Mothers of the Movement”. That was what the DNC called all the in attendance mothers of black people who died in police shootings, police custody or disputed circumstances.

But do the facts matter to the mothers of Trayvon Martin, who was shot while pounding a man’s head against the pavement; Michael Brown, who strong-arm robbed a convenience store before attempting to take a gun off a cop and shoot him; Dontre Hamilton, who smacked an officer with a baton before being shot; and Sandra Bland, who committed suicide while in police custody?

No. The Democrats are not in the business of telling the truth, just selling THEIR own.

4. Unabashed Affection For Illegal Immigration.

The DNC also showcased an actual illegal immigrant to demonstrate scorn for America’s immigration laws:

“Astrid Silva, 28, who is here illegally, but whose brother was born in the United States. “[W]hile my friends did ordinary things,” she said, “I couldn’t because my parents were afraid that someone might discover I was undocumented.”

The DNC is abetting the unjust breaking of our immigration laws…and no one cares.

5. Terrorism? Doesn’t Exist.

There have been five terrorist attacks in Europe alone in the last 11 days, starting back in Nice with an ISIS attack that served up a whopping 84 murdered.

So of course, the Democrats gave mention of ISIS ZERO times on the first day of their convention. It was emotion. Purely emotion driven to cover up an agenda. It will never cease to amaze me how folks cannot see through the pandering, the lies, the spin and the rhetoric…

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