Not So Merry Christmas Coming in New York

Big Government grows at a rate that exceeds even the rate it bleeds the life out of the economy — as evidenced by New York, which is scheduled to go bankrupt by Christmas despite the second-highest tax rate in the country. Accidental governor David Paterson is yelping in panic:

“We’re going to run out of cash in four and a half weeks. We are going to run out of money. Unless we do something about it, (it will) threaten generations,” Paterson said.

Paterson is so desperate that — having tried new taxes on everything he could think of — he now advocates finally reducing state spending. But of course, the entrenched bureaucracy will have none of it.

Senate Democrats, with their tenuous 32-30 hold on the upper house, are terrified to make school and hospital cuts because, they said, the cuts could mean increases in local property taxes.

And that could mean suburban Democrats on Long Island, in Westchester and other parts of the state could have trouble getting re-elected next year.

Remember, high property taxes led to the ouster of many suburban Democrats last week, including Westchester County Executive Andy Spano. Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi could also lose once absentee ballots are counted.

New York property taxes are already so astronomical, they were a major factor in driving Yours Truly out of the state. But the money has to come from somewhere — unless of course bureaucrats reduce the size of government. But that would defeat the very purpose of government, which is to grow like wildfire at the expense of our wealth and freedom.

david paterson
The blind leading the bled dry.

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