Having Nothing Better To Do, Democrat Senator Threaten NFL Over Tax Status For Redskins Name

Democrats have spent lots of time dealing with populist and other issues that really do not help the US citizenry, all in an attempt to keep the Senate Democrat. They write bills that include poison pills to make sure that Republicans will not vote for it. They do things like pushing the so-called “equal pay” bill for a second time this year, a bill that will primarily benefit lawyers and give even more private and personal data to the Federal government. They refuse to even consider the hundreds of economic bills passed by the House. Nor have they taken up the defense authorization bill. And now

(AP) A U.S. senator threatened the NFL with legislation over Washington’s nickname, a letter was dispatched to the other 31 team owners, and the issue was linked to the league’s others recent troubles Tuesday as the anti-“Redskins” movement took its cause to Capitol Hill.

In a news conference that featured Native American, civil rights and religious leaders, Sen. Maria Cantwell took aim at the NFL’s pocketbook by announcing she will introduce a bill to strip the league’s tax-exempt status because it has not taken action over the Redskins name. While prospects for such a bill becoming law would be tenuous, the inevitable hearings before lawmakers would enhance the spotlight on a movement that has gained substantial momentum over the last two years.

“The NFL needs to join the rest of America in the 21st Century,” said Cantwell, D-Wash., the former chairwoman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. “We can no longer tolerate this attitude toward Native Americans. This is not about team tradition. This is about right and wrong.”

Awesome. Government extortion. The Godfather would be very proud. I love the “21st Century” talking point. Democrats love trotting that out, in regards to ISIS and Russia. We keep being told they’re “living in the past”. Yet, they keep going.

71% of Americans still support the Redskins name. The numbers have dropped from back in 1992, mostly due to Democrats toeing the line in Believing In What A Good Progressive Should Believe Because They’ve Been Told To Believe That Way.

Halbritter had harsh words for the league as a whole, referencing the NFL’s handling of health problems suffered by former players, as well as the recent Ray Rice domestic violence saga and the child abuse charge levied against Adrian Peterson.

“The NFL is currently facing an integrity crisis. … While these are different issues, they are joined by a common thread of showing commercial and moral arrogance and a blatant lack of respect for those being negatively impacted,” Halbritter said.

Good grief. It’s absurd to conflate serious, real issues with a ginned up controversy in which most people do not see any disrespect towards Indians. But, this is yet another attempt at populism, avoidence of dealing with serious issues, and federally elected Democrats using their position to bully private citizens and entities.

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