Now Dems Want To Use Minimum Wage As Campaign Boogeyman Against GOP

They won’t run on their record. They won’t discuss their votes for ObamaCare, the Stimulus, and others. They won’t talk about their non-votes for keeping the “Bush tax cuts” and a budget. Many won’t even say they are Democrats in their ads. What to do? Use the minimum wage as a scaretactic

Now, Democrats are once again hoping to revive the minimum wage – currently at $7.25 per hour – as a campaign-year issue that some strategists believe could help cast Republicans as out of touch during tough economic times.

Spurred by comments from several Republican candidates, Democrats and their allies are attempting to convince voters that the entire Republican party wants to lower or abolish the minimum wage.

Perhaps they should reconsider this, consider that 11 Democrat Senators, including one Barack Obama, and 140 House Democrats (Senate, House), voted against the legislation that raised the minimum wage. The legislation itself was “the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans’ Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007,” which was about “Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.” One of those others was raising the minimum wage. Most of the Dems who voted against did it because there was no exit plan for Iraq.

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Anyhow, a whopping four Republicans have spoken on the issue

The Republican candidates Mr. Trumka is referring to include John Raese, the Republican candidate for Senate in West Virginia; Rand Paul, the senate candidate in Kentucky; Linda McMahon, the senate candidate in Connecticut, and Joe Miller, the senate candidate in Alaska. Each has made statements questioning the federal minimum wage, and in some cases calling for its elimination altogether.

Woo hoo, Dems have their big campaign issue!

For the Democratic opponents in those states, the statements offer tactical openings that could help on Election Day. And for national Democratic party leaders, the collection of statements provide a chance to revive an evergreen issue that generally plays to their advantage.

Remember when minimum wage jobs were not “good jobs” while Bush was president? Really, I doubt most people are particularly concerned with a job that would equate to $290.00 a week (40 hours). That’s a shade over $15,000 a year working every week. For the majority of people, that is not a livable wage. It’s more like second job income and jobs for kids income. Heck, even those jobs aren’t as available as they used to be, thanks to the mess the Democrats have created.

So, by all means, push this as a campaign issue, Democrats. It’ll provide a good opening to discuss your malfeasance on dealing with the overall economy, not too mention your votes against passing the increase.

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