Now Liberals Upset That New Kermit The Frog ‘Girlfriend’ Pig Muppet is Thin, Not Fat

Showing that there is nothing too trivial and idiotic for liberals to get upset about, now liberals are upset tat the Muppets are “fat shaming” Miss Piggy by introducing a new Kermit The Frog girlfriend pig character that isn’t as fat as Miss Piggy. That’s right, liberals are mad that this new muppet is too thin.

As the Muppets gear up for a new TV show and a new movie, the venerable puppet empire has introduced a new character, a pig named “Denise.”

This new Muppet character, while still a pig, is portrayed as a thinner creature than the famed Miss Piggy that has always been the reluctant Kermit’s girlfriend.

And because Denise is thin, well that has set some liberals off on a new hate.

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“Well, apparently Kermit can’t get enough of women like his ex – as long as they’re younger and thinner than her and less successful than him (but still work at ABC, so he can rub her in Miss Piggy’s face),” Megan Carpentier, the U.S. opinion editor for The Guardian, wrote in a piece titled “Kermit the Frog’s New Girlfriend Is Younger, Thinner — and Blander.”

Carpentier explained that while “Miss Piggy is a beloved feminist icon,” Denise is a representation of the “audience of the 1980s,” one “filled with fear of powerful women” who “understand and supported men’s urge to date their exes’ younger, dumber Plasticine lookalikes.”

And it wasn’t just Carpentier. People on Twitter were also pretty furious.

Come on, liberals. It’s just a FREAKIN PUPPET!

Once again we find that liberals just make no sense whatever.

Warner Todd Huston

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