Now That The Deficit Is Ginormous, Dems Queasy Over Deficit Spending

So, after taking over Congress in 2007 and saying “you think you Republicans know how to spend? Bah! You’ve only learned to max out a few starter credit cards with low ceilings. We’ll show you pikers how max out the platinum cards and purchase a $500k house while making $50k a year”, now Democrats are getting “queasy” (BTW, just for clarity, Bush does deserve some blame for not taking the Dems legislation and sending it back)

With voters up in arms over the mounting federal debt, congressional Democrats are growing increasingly queasy about adding to the nation’s tab, with some arguing that additional spending to prop up the economy and help the unemployed should be paid for or abandoned.

“This is getting to be Judgment Day on the spending issue,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said Tuesday. “I’ve come to the conclusion that voters are saying now that just throwing money at various kinds of issues — virtually all of which are deserving — isn’t good enough.”

Dr. Evil says “riiiiiiiiiiight.” Perhaps you and other Democrats should have had those thoughts prior to your unbelievable level of spending

Few Democrats argue that the money is not needed. But with this year’s budget deficit already forecast to break a record, and Republicans accusing Democrats of rampant overspending in advance of this fall’s midterm elections, many lawmakers are reexamining their priorities and asking their leaders to come up with a plan to cover the cost.

It’s a little late for that, chumps. Actually, it was too late when you passed your Generational Theft Act against the wishes of the people, mostly without bothering to read it. Then your supplemental spending bills. Your record $3.5 trillion budget. The health destruction act. Ignoring PAYGO almost immediately after it was passed. So, now that the midterms are approaching, and your spending is not fixing anything, you are worried. When the cards have been maxed out and the 3rd mortgage is not being paid, it is a wee bit too late. Especially when the biggest creditor is getting upset

Europe’s debt crisis has laid bare the fragility of global finances and the United States, too, must tame its fiscal deficit, a senior Chinese official said on Thursday, spelling out Beijing’s concerns before talks with Washington.

Consider that Moody’s has been warning for some time about the US losing its AAA rating. And that all the spending so far has not done what it was supposed to do. I certainly hope the GOP is paying attention, and plans, for a change, to attack the Democrats hard on this issue, along with others, such as the ObamaCare health destruction legislation.

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