Now We Have “Occupy Cincinnati”

At first, I thought this might have been a campaign by Cincinnati’s Chamber of Commerce, or perhaps something to get people to attend Bengels’ games, alas, no, it’s just another unhinged attempt at giving liberals another avenue for airing their same old grievances, which typically devolve to ” hey, gimme, I’m entitled”

( Occupy Cincinnati will hold its first “occupation” starting at 11 a.m. Saturday at Lytle Park (it was moved from Sawyer Point due to a conflicting event there). The event may include a march to Fountain Square.

What is it?

To raise awareness about “the 99 percent,” said Nathan Lane, one of the organizers.

The group says the majority of the wealth in America is controlled by just 1 percent of the population. The other 99 percent struggle to afford a decent quality of life.

So, working hard, dedicating yourself, making yourself better to increase your earnings are obviously dumb ideas to liberals. Instead, they just want to force others to pony up the money they earned by working hard.

They take issue with flat wages, unemployment, fraudulent home foreclosures and the lack of accountability by the corporations responsible for it, members say.

Occupy Cincinnati wants to close the gap between the haves and have-nots and reduce corporate America’s influence on politics.

It’s funny, they are so close to reality, but never make the leap that a big problem is government. And we all know that liberals just can’t blame government. Take for instance their complaint about corporate America’s influence on politics: who is at fault, the companies, or the elected officials who take the bribes campaign contributions and then pass helpful laws?

The local group isn’t offering demands or solutions, though that will come, organizers said. Now, it’s raising awareness and giving the 99 percent a voice.

So, they are pretty much just a bunch of whiners? Shocking! No coherence, there’ll be lots of signs like “legalize pot”, and lots of them will be dressed like people who should expect to be un-hireable.

You’ve got to read the comments, many are hilarious, such as by DemocRATSO

So that we may be taken seriously, please adhere to the following guidelines

– Remove all visible body piercings
– Hide visible tattoos
– Practice personal hygiene
– Before and during the “occupation”, abstain from alcohol
– Before and during the “occupation”, abstain from drugs
– Only high school graduates or GED certified participants
– If college educated, no Sociology Majors

By following the guidelines, we will present the face of a people who are actually employable, not just a bunch of spoiled nutcases begging for attention.
See both of you there!

On the bright side, these far left demonstrations (and that’s all they are. Remember, lots of moderate liberals/Democrats joined the TEA Party demonstrations) mean that hiring managers don’t have to waste time interviewing the unemployable.

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