Now WE Will Pay for Unions Fancy Healthcare Packages

As if there were ever any doubts, the unions bosses that descended upon the White House earlier in the week appear to have succeeded in getting their members excluded from the so-called Cadillac taxes on expensive healthcare packages.

The Obama administration, having been bought and paid for by unions, agreed to demands that unions be excluded from the onerous taxation that many of the rest of us will be forced to pay to float Obama’s budget busting Obamacare plans.

The unions pretended themselves to meet Obama in the middle by agreeing to put a time limit on this sweetheart deal. It was agreed that the unions would be exempt from these taxes for the next 18 years after which they’d then have to pay the tax like everyone else.

But, come on. Does anyone believe that 17 years from now that the unions would not be right back up at the White House demanding to have that 18 years extended or the tax exclusion made permanent? And does anyone believe that their demands would not be easily agreed to by pliant politicians looking for Big Labor’s giant political donations?

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If anyone doubts that once Big Labor gets an exclusion it will never be rescinded, then they are not very bright!

And what does that mean? It means that a tax that millions of union members should have to pay will be placed on the rest of us as always. It means that government has once again acceded to these thug’s threats and demands. It means that low quality, low productive, cost soaring unions have once again shown that they are a protected class despite the drag on the economy that they represent.

And why is this is? It’s because Big Labor has millions of dollars to donate to politicians’ campaign funds. That and only that.

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