NY Daily News: Ban All Killer Weapons Because We’re All To Blame

Never let it be said that Liberals won’t take advantage of each and every tragedy to push their political agenda (too bad they didn’t push to make communism criminal, as Stalin and Mao murdered tens of millions of people)

Ban killer weapons and do it right now: The logic is simple: New laws will prevent mass murder

I think we already have laws against mass murder. People who break them obviously do not care about The Law.

Newtown. Oak Creek temple. Aurora. Tucson. Fort Hood. Virginia Tech. Columbine. The Long Island Rail Road. The list goes on like the names of battlefields from far-off wars.

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But it is the war at home. Mass shootings, year in, year out. Doubt that we are at war? More Americans have been killed in our country within in the last year by guns than all U.S. soldiers killed in all of the years of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Want to know who’s to blame? Each and every one of us, gun owners and non-gun owners. Muffled outrage and wringing of hands are not enough.

Personally, I feel no blame. I feel no remorse for sticking up for the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners. None of the gun laws that Liberals are pushing would have stopped this tragedy. We also have laws against blowing up buildings. That did not stop Timothy McVeigh. We have laws against raping women and killing them. That didn’t stop Ted Bundy. We have laws against hijacking airplanes. That didn’t stop the 19 Islamists on 9/11.

Afterwards we can reflect on what else to do. But we owe these 20 precious, dead 5-to-10 year old children the solemn obligation to take serious measures, and swiftly. Why ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines? Not because it will save every last life. Since when is that the standard?

Because it will help. In virtually every single one of the mass shootings in America going back to the McDonald’s slaying in California in 1984, an assault weapon has been used and in every single one, one or multiple large capacity magazines have been used.

The Newtown child-killer may or may not have used handguns, and not an assault weapon, to murder children. But wouldn’t you rather prevent the deaths you can prevent?

Neither handgun used in this tragedy would be covered by any of the legislation that Democrats have proposed. They aren’t assault weapons, and they aren’t high capacity mags. The insane killer did have a .223 Bushmaster, but that was left in the car when he went on his murderous rampage.

The only answer would be to ban all guns. Not just scary looking weapons (many non-scary looking guns with the same caliber are manufactured and used for legitimate hunting purposes) and high cap mags. That’s the only way to be sure. Lock down all the borders to keep guns from coming in to the country.

Want to blame someone? Let’s blame the entertainment industry for using guns on TV and in movies. Let’s blame organizations that use armed security guards in their lobbies (like, say, The NY Times Building (there is no info I can find on the NY Daily News building)). Let’s blame politicians who have Secret Service protection which carries weapons, including scary looking sub-machine guns. Let’s blame Democrat voters who refuse to give up their own firearms.

Or, we can blame the unhinged shooters, who apparently want their 15 minutes of fame as they commit mass murder prior to suicide.

If only Liberals showed the same outrage when the Obama administration was running guns to Mexico which resulted in the deaths of over 200 Mexicans and at least 2 US federal agents.

More: Just so Liberals stop whining and deflecting, let it be noted that information that came out after this post was published states that the .223 Bushmaster was the weapon used, not the handguns. Previous reports stated that the Bushmaster was in the killer’s car. (WordPress for Android was cutting off some of the article if I used it to edit)

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