NYC Climate March A Rousing Success Of Leftism, Hypocricy, And Trash

Sunday was a big day for Warmists

(Politico) Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined a larger-than-expected throng of activists, scientists, students and elected officials who took to New York City’s streets Sunday for a massive march meant to sound the alarm about climate change.

Organizers initially estimated that the march had drawn 310,000 people, then raised that estimate to nearly 400,000 — far exceeding their projections of 100,000 attendees and making the procession through midtown Manhattan by far the largest climate-related protest in history. New York police did not offer their own crowd count.

Good for them. A tiny fraction of the world’s population took lots of fossil fueled trips to complain about the use of fossil fuels. Hooray!

“It shows we have power,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. “It’s a diverse coalition. It’s broad and it’s growing in strength and it’s growing in diversity. And it’s increasingly impatient at the rate of progress.”

I’m not sure what he means: they’ve won. There’s been no statistically significant warming in almost 18 years. Isn’t that what Warmists want? No?

Photo via Grist, which simply highlights that this was all about Leftist goals.

Katie Pavlich noted all the plastic and rubber, made with petroleum, as well as the waste of paper.

Of course, there was also a contingent of typical liberal wackos, ones from Code Pink, 9/11 Truthers, Israel haters, PETA, and others. And, of course, all the radicals, Communists, Socialists, etc

(The Blaze) Tens-of-thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of New York City Sunday to demand political leaders take action on climate change.

While the protest remained peaceful, much of the “People’s Climate March” appeared to be made up of fringe elements of the political left.

Dozens of signs denouncing capitalism were spotted at the demonstration, often held by self-proclaimed socialists.

“Capitalism is destroying the planet,” a sticker on one woman’s shirt read, “We need revolution, nothing less.”

The Blaze’s Oliver Darcy seems somewhat surprised by their attendance, however, these far left groups were official partners of the march. Via The Global Warming Policy Foundation

It was the usual post-communist leftie march. That is, it was a petit-bourgeois re-enactment of meaningless ritual that passes for serious politics among those too inexperienced, too emotionally excited or too poorly read and too unpracticed at self-reflection or political analysis to know or perhaps care how futile and tired the conventional march has become. Crazed grouplets of anti-capitalist movements trying to fan the embers of Marxism back to life, gender and transgender groups with their own spin on climate, earnest eco-warriors, publicity-seeking hucksters, adrenalin junkies, college kids wanting a taste of the venerable tradition of public protest, and, as always, a great many people who don’t think that burning marijuana adds to the world’s CO2 load, marched down Manhattan’s streets. –Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest, 21 September 2014.

By the end of the week, most of the Warmists will be back to their typical big carbon footprint lives and this whole thing will have been forgotten. Nothing will change. Especially when it comes to world temperatures increasing in a statistically significant manner.

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