Oakland’s Liberal Mayor Sends In Police Against Liberal Occupiers

I’m not sure what Oakland mayor Jean Quan was thinking. The protesters were completely peaceful

(MSNBC) Police in riot gear clashed with protesters in Oakland in the early morning hours on Thursday, firing tear gas to disperse demonstrators lingering in the streets after a day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality and police brutality.

The clash and standoff came only hours after protesters shut down the Port of Oakland late Wednesday.

The confrontation, which erupted after midnight, appeared aimed at preventing the protesters from expanding their foothold in the streets around a public plaza that has become a hub for demonstrations in the northern California city.

More than 200 officers, some of them ferried in aboard buses, lined up shoulder to shoulder and donned gas masks, then declared the crowd to be an unlawful assembly and fired volleys of tear gas as protesters turned and ran.

Heck, all they were doing was gathering peaceably…..except for that shutting down the Port of Oakland thing. Was there any reason for such a heavy handed response? Well, the accompanying photo at MSNBC should give you a clue, with an Occupier standing on something that looks turned over waving a flag in front of a bonfire in the street.

The nearly 5-hour protest at the port, the nation’s fifth-busiest shipping port, was intended to highlight a daylong “general strike” in the city, which prompted solidarity rallies in New York, Los Angeles and other cities across the nation. Some had marched from the city’s downtown, while others had been bused to the port.

There’s that commie word “solidarity” again. But, consider, they shut down a port where mostly blue collar workers were just attempting to put in a days work and earn some money to take care of themselves and their families. The Occupiers made that rather difficult.

The crowd disrupted port operations by overwhelming the area with people and blocking exits with chain-link fencing and illegally parked vehicles. The demonstrators also erected fences to block main streets to the port. No trucks were allowed into or out of the area.

Doesn’t sound particularly peaceable to me. And by not allowing trucks out, the Occutards were harming people with small businesses, who needed those products. And harming the truck drivers, who do not get paid if they aren’t delivering. So much for caring about the “99%.”

Prior to marching on the port, protesters had blocked the downtown intersection of 14th street and Broadway, where the a former Marine turned peace activist Scott Olsen was wounded on the night of October 25.

These are your folks, Obama and Pelosi: do you still stand by them? Will you call for them to keep it peaceful and stop violating the law?

As protesters left the area on foot some stopped to burn money, others bickered, and one burned an American flag.

Zachary RunningWolf, a well-known Bay Area activist, said he burned the flag “to start an educated discussion among us.”

Well, he got a discussion, one which the Oakland PD won. What better way to get people on to your side than by burning the flag of your country?

What’s missing from the article is the actual damage caused by the Occupiers. Michelle Malkin has many pictures and descriptions of the violence and destruction from the Democrat voting Occupiers, including

A big mob dressed in black is roaming around the streets. They’ve sprayed graffiti on the walls of businesses.

Wells Fargo windows have also been reportedly smashed.

Chase Bank vandalized.

Still supporting this movement, liberals? Another question is, will this be the catalyst for the nationwide violence and destruction we have all be expecting?

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