Obama’s New Name For Iraq War

The indispensible Jake Tapper of ABC News is reporting that the Obama Administration is about to rename the Iraq war from “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to “Operation New Dawn.”

Gates writes that by changing the name at the same time as the change of mission — the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. combat troops — the US is sending “a strong single that Operation IRAQI FREEDOM has ended and our forces are operating under a new mission.”

Sounds like some good reasoning.

But Mr. Tapper missed the other naming news. Obama will also announce this week that he is changing the theme of his administration from “Operation Hope-n-Change” to “Operation Red Dawn.”

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Operation Red Dawn, the Obama memo will read, replaces the hope and change that previously served as Obama’s battle cry and will herald the new direction of American culture from red, white and blue to just plain red.

No word if Obama agrees with Rham Emanuel that the nation should be renamed the New CCCP.

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