Obama And Dems Suddenly Want Bipartisanship On Budget

It’s always amusing when Democrats call for “bipartisanship”, because it means that their ideas are really bad, and they want to include Republicans, so they can throw Republicans under the bus when the legislation is really horrendous and the American People hate it. Witness the budget

President Obama conceded on Tuesday that his new budget does not do enough to resolve the nation’s long-term fiscal problems, but he counseled patience, suggesting that he would eventually come together with Republicans on a broad deal.

But, Mr. Obama said at a news conference, any such compromise to address Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the tax system is months away and will first require an effort to build bipartisan trust – even as Democrats and Republicans battle intensely over how much to cut from the current year’s domestic spending.

And you’ve done a great job building that trust, champ, as you’ve run roughshod over the Republican Party when they were in the minority, not to mention ignoring the will of the people regarding spending, the Stimulus, the healthcare fiasco, and so many other issues.

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“The feeling to do genuine deficit reduction is greater on both sides of the aisle than I’ve ever seen it,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York. “The question is meeting in the middle and throwing away the ideological baggage.”

In Democrat Political Speak, that means that Republicans have to compromise, and go with Democrat ideas. It doesn’t actually mean that Democrats have to actually work with Republicans and include Republican ideas. Of course, all spending bills must start in the House, per that pesky Constitution thingy, and guess who holds the House?

“If you look at the history of how these deals get done, typically it’s not because there’s an ‘Obama Plan’ out there,” Mr. Obama said, citing deal-making precedents under Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and his own tax cuts deal with Congressional Republicans in December. “It’s because Democrats and Republicans are both committed to tackling this issue in a serious way.”

While no budget summit is imminent, Mr. Obama said he and Republican leaders are “going to be in discussions over the next several months.” He said moving forward required “a spirit of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. And I think that’s possible.”

See? Now it’s about both parties working together. Hadn’t been that way for two years, but, Obama needs some way to blame Republicans in the run up to the 2012 elections.

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