Obama Chief Of Staff Blamed For Obama Incompetence

He’s just the latest scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in ObamaLand. It’s never Obama’s fault. It’s Europe, earthquakes, tornadoes, that darned TEA Party, the Republicans who were apparently in charge of Congress since Obama was coronated, the fact that Obama doesn’t have power like China’s leaders, and, of course, George W. Bush. The front page of The Politico calls this Trouble On Daley’s Watch, the in-story headline is Bill Daley struggles to fix Barack Obama’s slump

Bill Daley is off to a very rocky start.

The 63-year-old scion of Chicago political royalty was brought in as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff to provide fresh blood, corporate-world experience and adult supervision to a young, free-wheeling White House staff. But critics inside and outside the West Wing are questioning whether he is the tough, competent manager needed to shake up the operation and propel Obama into the 2012 election year.

Wait, adult supervision? Did the Politico writers just assert that the Obama administration is a bunch of juvenile delinquents?

To some extent, Daley has been a victim of the increasingly difficult political circumstances Obama has had to confront this year. But he’s also been hampered, paradoxically, by his own inexperience, and particularly by the fact that he lacks the deep Capitol Hill connections of his predecessor, Rahm Emanuel.

Wait, why isn’t this Rahm Emanuel’s fault? The old “previous administration” blamestorming?

Many of these problems predate Daley’s arrival last January. But any chief of staff – especially a Washington outsider – is a natural target at a time when the White House is reeling from a staggering series of political and economic setbacks, ranging from the loss of the nation’s AAA credit rating to Obama’s own swoon in the polls, which now have him cratering in the high 30- to low 40-percent approval.

But, remember, none of this can be Obama’s fault, because the President is never a “natural target.” Whoops, sorry, that was uncivil discourse. Anyhow, it matters little how good the chief of staff is, when the boss is incompetent and only in it for himself, caring little for country he was elected to over-see. Jimmy Carter is breathing a little easier over his future presidential history standing, though.

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