Obama Exposed In Another Major Obamacare Lie

If the Old Media establishment were honest, Barack Obama would long ago have replaced Richard Nixon as the biggest liar in Presidential history. And now, a new study reveals yet another major Obama lie.

Just last November, for instance, President Barack “Milhous” Obama said that his failed Obamacare law would make healthcare cheaper by keeping more Americans out of emergency rooms.

Obama said of insurance companies and hospitals, that, “instead of having to take in folks in the emergency room, they suddenly have customers who have insurance. That means those of you who already have health insurance, your premiums will not be subsidizing folks who don’t have health insurance. People will get preventive care, which means that people are likely to be healthier.”

But a new study proves that this is simply a pipe dream.

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The study was conducted by reviewing Medicaid patients in Oregon, a state that expanded Medicaid coverage. This expanded coverage–arguably something that mirrors Obamacare–actually increased emergency room visits.

As The Blaze reported, “The study compared 25,000 low-income individuals with and without Medicaid. It found those with Medicaid ended up in the ER 40 percent more than those without insurance. In most cases, their conditions were classified as ‘primary care treatable,’ and not warranting emergency treatment.”

So, it is easy to see that as Obamacare grows, so will emergency room visits. The reason for this is pretty simple, really. More and more people will assume that the government should just cover everything, so more use of services will be demanded as people come to assume that it is either a “right” or even may think it is all “free.”

Obamacare will absolutely cost America far more money for healthcare. There is no doubt. But, maybe you disagree and think Obamacare will cut costs despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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