OBAMA FAIL: UN Admits that Obama’s Nuke Deal Lets Iran Inspect Its Own Disputed Sites–No Foreign Inspectors Allowed

We are finding even more facts about Obama’s utterly disastrous Iran nuke deal. Now the United Nations is admitting that the deal allows the Iranians to “inspect” their own disputed nuke sites and that no foreign inspectors will be allowed in. You can’t avoid talking about this outrageous Obama failure without using the ages old analogy of “this is like letting the fox guard the chicken house.”

This is nothing less than allowing criminals to pass judgement on themselves and assess their own ”
punishment” for themselves. This is an outrageous Obama failure.

Iran, in an unusual arrangement, will be allowed to use its own experts to inspect a site it allegedly used to develop nuclear arms under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a document seen by The Associated Press.

The revelation is sure to roil American and Israeli critics of the main Iran deal signed by the U.S., Iran and five world powers in July. Those critics have complained that the deal is built on trust of the Iranians, a claim the U.S. has denied.

The investigation of the Parchin nuclear site by the International Atomic Energy Agency is linked to a broader probe of allegations that Iran has worked on atomic weapons. That investigation is part of the overarching nuclear deal.

I like how the AP downplayed this outrage by calling it just “an unusual arrangement.”

Obama has utterly failed the world with this deal.

Warner Todd Huston

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