Obama Fairness? White House Staffers See Amazingly Unequal Pay

In January one of the early “successes” of the White House was the Lilly Ledbetter Act, legislation that was supposed to insure equal pay “for everybody.” Apparently, as in all Obama’s pronouncements, the outcome of Obama’s drive for “fairness” is rarely as advertised. In this case, some people are more equal than others at least if we take various White House staffer’s pay scales into account.

As it happens about 36 percent of White House staffers make a low 30 percent of what the top 23 percent earn. Bill Collier of The Freedomist calculated that 42 percent of the salary budget is paid out to only 23 percent of the staffers.

What about all that vaunted equal outcome in pay, President Obama? I thought you were all about “fairness”?

Collier also notes that 52 percent of White House staffers only have the “fairness” of receiving a scant 32 percent of the payroll budget.

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Looks like Obama is just like those eeeeevil corporations that pay fatcats the high dollar while screwing all the little people. I mean, isn’t this the characterization that the Obamaists use to attack corporations? So, why, oh, why, President Obama, is there no “equal pay” in your White House?

The records were released last week on the White House website.

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