Obama Forces US Border Patrol to ‘Let As Many People Go As Possible’

Obama is now telling the US Border Patrol to release all illegals, even if they are criminals engaging in crimes such as murder, child molestation, and drug dealing. Obama has eliminated our border patrol system. We now officially have fully open and un-policed borders.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson revealed to radio host Laura Ingraham that Obama has eviscerated our laws.

That is the directive, at least according to the understanding of law enforcement officials because I’ve been told the same thing by Border Patrol Agents, who say whether spoken or unspoken, there’s a policy coming from the top, that they’re not to…that they’re basically to be very lenient and try to let as many people go as possible, that’s what they think, that’s the message they think they’re receiving.

And of course many of them are very frustrated because they are tasked with an entirely opposite job to protect our borders and to apprehend people who are here illegally. And then they’re basically feel that they’re being told not to do the job. So they’re sort of put in a quandary.

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Obama does not care if Americans are preyed upon by the thousands of criminal illegals he is releasing into our interior. He is doing this for one reason and one reason only… so that he can give them amnesty and so they can vote Democrat.

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