Obama Has A Plan to Defeat Hillary, Push Biden, and Control The White House After He Leaves

According to a new report, Obama has hatched a plan that will give him influence over the next two presidents, NEITHER of whom he intends to be Hillary Clinton!!

Obama is going to defeat Hillary by pushing his VP, Joe Biden, on the Democrats. But he has more plans than just that…

President Barack Obama has agreed to endorse a presidential campaign by Vice President Joe Biden if he is allowed to pick Biden’s running mate, author and journalist Ed Klein reports.

Biden, who has yet to announce whether he will seek the Democratic nomination, is reportedly weighing the offer, according to Klein.

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Further, Obama wants Biden to choose a black running mate and commit to serving only one term, then throwing his own endorsement to his vice president, Klein writes on his Ed Klein Confidential blog. http://edwardklein.com/obama-ready-to-endorse-biden-with-conditions/

Obama reportedly favors former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, one of Obama’s close allies.

Obama plans to knock the Clintons out of power permanently.

Warner Todd Huston

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