Obama May Be Turning Jews Against Democrats

Some good may actually come of the catastrophic farce known as the Obama Administration — provided Jews learn from it to stop shooting themselves in the foot by supporting Democrats.

McLaughlin & Associates, a national polling company, recently released the “National Survey of Jewish Voters” which reported that while Jewish voters favored Obama 78 percent to 12 percent in the 2008 presidential exit polls, currently, “only 42 percent of voters would re-elect him, while the plurality (46 percent) would consider voting for someone else.”

The main reason: Obama, like the increasingly radical Democrat Party in general, is hostile to Israel and at best ambivalent toward Islamic terrorists.

Our Hamas-backed adolescent president is even less popular among Jews in Israel. Zionist Organization of America found that 65% of Israelis oppose BHO’s policy toward Israel, with 21% in support. If the latter number seems high, keep in mind that due to the self-hatred entailed in moonbat ideology, 21% of Israelis would probably support Iran’s policy toward Israel.

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ZOA’s Morton Klein comments,

Coupled with earlier results showing the abysmal level of support for Obama among Israelis after 18 months of public condemnation, criticism and pressure while placing no pressure at all on Palestinians and largely ignoring incitement to hatred and murder within Palestinian society, here is further evidence that Israelis do not support Obama’s policy and do not believe American Jews should either.

Terrified of the November elections, some in the Democrat Party have already begun running from the ugly ultra-left extremism personified by Comrade Obama. But once the underlying nature of the party’s base has been seen, it can only be unseen by the most determinedly blind.

jews against obama
Hopefully the lesson will be remembered for future elections.

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