Obama Rules That SEIUs Law Breaking is OK By Him

With a recent Federal Election Commission decision Obama’s government has ruled in favor of the SEIU’s illegal kickback scheme and decided that such law breaking it is A’OK as far as he is concerned.

Ostensibly, FEC law states that unions cannot require member locals to pay a specific amount of money into a union’s political action committee (PAC) fund. PAC contributions by the locals are supposed to be voluntary and not forced by rules from the main HQ. This year, however, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has handed down rules from its Washington HQ that locals must send $25,000 each to the SEIU political PAC or face a “fine” of $37,500 from the main office in DC. This clearly violates FEC rules.

Once this violation came to light Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, filed a complaint with the FEC. In response, Obama’s FEC has decided that the SEIU’s law breaking is nothing to worry about.

Worse, the graft of Obama’s FEC is such that it ignored the advice of its own general counsel who affirmed that the SEIU was indeed violating the law. And it gets worse yet. The FEC is supposed to immediately give its reply to the interested parties within a 60-day reply period so that everyone gets a chance to see the decision and comment upon it. But Obama’s crooked FEC didn’t reveal its decision for 111 days, long after the reply period was over, thereby preventing appeal and comment.

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The NRWF is not amused.

“They can’t do that,” said foundation president Mark Mix, who is vowing to challenge the commission’s actions. “We will pursue the appeals process. We are working on it now,” adding that he’s prepared to file a new complaint, if necessary.

No one at the FEC “will speak in reference to this case,” spokeswoman Julia Queen told Fox News.

But Obama’s union bought government ruled in favor of… surprise… the unions. Obama does not mind law breaking as long as it is his folks doing it.

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