Obama Stumps For Joe Klein (D-Fla), Klein Hides

It seems as if the story about the accusation that the US Chamber Of Commerce is using foreign money for ads is gaining even more legs, though, the majority of the media is shooting the Obama/Dem talking point down. Anyone else besides me getting the feeling that it is simply a distraction from discussing the legislative record of Obama and the Democrats? Meanwhile, Obama spent Monday working to create jobs……oh, he didn’t? The Neverending Campaign was in full effect? Hmph.

President Barack Obama urged Democratic donors at an NBA star-studded Coral Gables fundraiser on Monday to get out the vote and boost Democrats, telling them that his 2008 election “was only the beginning of the dream.”

Obama spoke at the home of former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning, who was joined by Miami Heat players Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and former L.A. Lakers and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

As Top Of The Ticket points out, this little fundraiser would cost anywhere from $1,000 to $17,600 if you wanted a photo with Obama.

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Obama told donors that the U.S. economy is beginning to recover because lawmakers were willing to take tough votes. But Republicans, he said, “said no each and every time . . . they don’t have new ideas.

Tough votes? This from a guy who consistently voted “present” when tough votes came up?

“We’ve got to tell them in this election you can’t have the keys back,” he said of Republicans, whom he accuses at fundraisers of driving the economy into a ditch — and then standing around “with Slurpees” as Democrats labor to fix it. “You don’t know how to drive!”

The man just won’t let go of idiotic sayings, will he? Here’s where it gets fun, and about the only news service that mentions it is the Miami Herald

The event raised an estimated $1 million for congressional Democrats and Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, who Obama apologized for calling Ron Klain in his introductory remarks. Klain is vice president Joe Biden’s chief of staff.

He gave two speeches open to the press; Klein did not appear next to him at either.

Shocker. Yet another Democrat who doesn’t want to be seen with Obama. It get’s funny, via the official transcript

Ron Klein is here, and one of the main reasons that we’re here — if he’s not here, I know — is he? Where is he? He’s inside. All right, we love him. (Applause.) Kathy Castor is here. (Applause.) Ted Deutch is here and his family. (Applause.)

Interestingly, the closest Obama got to mentioning ObamaCare was that Klein voted to “strengthen medicare.” Nor did Obama talk about during his dinner speech. He didn’t talk about Klein much, either.

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