Obama Supporter’s Racism Cop Out

If you want to see the ignorance of the left, below is a good video to see it in. In it a woman that supports Obamacare makes all sorts of accusations that everyone is a racist in a confrontation at a small protest outside of Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky’s Chicago-area offices. Another portly woman whines about the fact that she might be expected pay for her own healthcare and her equally portly boyfriend calls people names and asks what’s wrong with “a little socialism?”

The video shows that the only people filled with hate, the only ones resorting to name-calling and ignorance are the Obamacare supporters. But the you’re-all-racists lady is the most typical example of the left’s empty-headed line of attack against anyone that dares to nay-say their communist ideas.

One of the ignorant things this woman did was dismiss the Holocaust. It is infuriating, of course, that this chubby chider in purple was so dismissive of the Holocaust because there once was slavery. To her, slavery was worse than the Holocaust. A disgusting display of ignorance, of course. It is also a sad display of ignorance that this woman really thought that her “ancestors” were brought to Evanston, Illinois to work a “plantation.” This foolish woman doesn’t appear to know the history of her own people. There WERE no slave plantations in Evanston, Illinois so it is impossible that her ancestors were brought to Evanston to work plantations for white folks.

But its always racism with the left. This is echoed from every mind-numbed Democrat voter all the way to their minders in the Old Media. For instance, a recent piece from the always incendiary Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times again calls everyone that disagrees with her a racist. This is nothing new for Mitchell because nearly every column she writes ends up calling all who disagree with her a racist. But she isn’t alone. In fact, she’s pretty typical of Old Media columnists.

The problem is that these people simply know no better. This is why the conservative message is so hard to sell. Because of the low state of American education, too many Americans are simply not equipped to understand the highly intellectual conservative argument. This video is just another sad example of that.

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