Obama Throws White Half Under the Bus. Again

The New York Times apparently thinks they have a scoop by revealing that Barack Obama is *officially* black. You would think that was a shocking discovery, based on how it appears to be a note-worthy revelation to the New York Times.

It is official: Barack Obama is the nation’s first black president.

A White House spokesman confirmed that Mr. Obama, the son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, checked African-American on the 2010 census questionnaire.

However, I think the real story is that Obama threw his white half under the bus. Again.

The president, who was born in Hawaii and raised there and in Indonesia, had more than a dozen options in responding to Question 9, about race. He chose “Black, African Am., or Negro.” (The anachronistic “Negro” was retained on the 2010 form because the Census Bureau believes that some older blacks still refer to themselves that way.)

Mr. Obama could have checked white, checked both black and white, or checked the last category on the form, “some other race,” which he would then have been asked to identify in writing.

Aha! He could have checked off both, but chose not to. Full heritage, including his poor grandma, thrown under the bus yet again. I’m just surprised that he didn’t check off “Other” and then enter “Not a typical white person.”

Personally, I think I should have written in Wise Americana. Hey, I figure that I may as well use identity politics to my advantage; maybe I’ll score some extra points for my fancy womb. Identity politics is all that matters, isn’t it? Isn’t that the entire and sole reason for such a question?

Heck of a job, politically correct police. You’ve put people all into boxes. Instead of just being, you know, people.

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