Obama wants public schools around the country to create memorials to Michael Brown

Divide and distrust by Obama. Institutionalized and mandated racism as well as hero worship for a criminal simply because of his skin color. These are your tax dollars paying for your children to be indoctrinated in their studies at school by racist propaganda and political agendas. The public school system has become an arm of the Obama Administration for cultivating Progressive/Marxists that will goosestep to their tune of change. Inciting violence and chaos through our children is Obama’s message of hope to America.

From Western Journalism:

After already weighing in on the civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., by calling the anger expressed by the looters and rioters “an understandable reaction,” Barack Obama has now endorsed a plan to use the narrative that sparked these protests as fodder for public school assignments across the country.

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In a recent Twitter post on the official page of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, the Obama administration shared an article detailing how teachers can use the shooting death of Mike Brown in planning lessons.

Despite the fact that evidence, witnesses, and a grand jury have subsequently cleared officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing in shooting the robbery suspect, the left-leaning Huffington Post in August created a five-step plan for injecting the residual conflict into classroom lectures.

The suggested course of action begins with teachers asking students “what they know, and what they want to know,” followed by assisting them in making “connections between the Michael Brown shooting and similar cases that have emerged in recent history.”

Under author Christopher Emdin’s plan, students would then be required to write letters to “politicians, police officers, the families of victims of the violence, and even the deceased” in an ostensibly “therapeutic exercise that concurrently helps students develop their writing skills.”

Emdin, and the Obama administration by extension, also supports creating a “classroom memorial” to Brown in a show of “classroom solidarity.”

Finally, teachers would be expected to “[c]arry the theme for the rest of the year.”

While such social activism might be expected, and arguably appropriate, from an outlet like Huffington Post, the responses to the White House’s endorsement of this plan were overwhelmingly negative.

This is communism manifested in education. Obama, Holder and Sharpton will rip this nation apart if we don’t stop this. Holder is on a state to state mission to incite riots and mayhem. Sharpton carries the banner of a new civil rights movement that is reverse racism and the tinder for a race war. This isn’t social activism. It is racial terraforming and it is filled with hate and division. This type of curriculum is meant to push the Progressive meme of justice and the message that there are those that are repressed and are the underdog and that they should be the ones that rule America. For the underdog, if the system does not provide the basic necessities of life, anything but the system that oppresses him/her is something to strive for. This never works and the elites always remain in power. However, prepping your children to be good little communists is the end game here. The crime does not matter – just the color of their skin. They are pushing that violence achieves justice. The memorial to Michael Brown is chaos and riots – they are the Marxist harbingers of collective change. Obama’s classroom memorials to Michael Brown are an abomination and an excellent argument to get your kids out of the public school system and home school them.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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