ObamaCare Failing On Deadlines, Costs

It’s been awhile since we talked about President Chumps outsourced “historic” legislation. Since it has been passed, there have been stories, but, they have been low key, and tend to be somewhat buried. Like this one

Three months after the $940 billion health care bill was signed into law, questions abound about whether the Obama administration can meet all the deadlines in the massive law while dealing with the political pressures of Congress.

Being president is haaaaawd work! What with all the golf, concerts, dates with the wife in other cities, ducking the media, blame-storming, and those other small issues, like Afghanistan and the BP oil spill, Barry just doesn’t have the time to read the legislation and get ‘er done.

Meanwhile, the impact on Americans’ health insurance costs remains negligible, and premiums are actually rising as many Americans lose their coverage in a troubled job market.

Soooooo, it is not working as advertised? I’m wondering if anyone brought that up at some point.

Republicans have accused the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of missing key deadlines, such as one requiring the establishment of an advisory committee for an advertising campaign to educate young women about breast cancer. The deadline was May 22, but members have yet to be selected.

Got that? Republicans are being blamed for daring to mention that HHS can’t even get an advertising campaign in place. Bad Republicans!

HHS was also ordered to establish a government task force by May 7 to come up with a strategy to improve health care programs in Alaska. The agency has moved forward in the process but the task force hasn’t been selected yet.

I blame George Bush. Thought, HHS has met a few deadlines, such as

The requirement allowing young adults under age 26 to stay on their parents’ health plans has also been implemented ahead of schedule.

Oh, good! Because it was really difficult to to tell insurers that “you must let children stay on their parents insurance till age 26.” Especially since at least 30 states had already passed laws with the same requirement.

“The average rule takes 18 months, which means that there are many of those that take two or three years to do, because they have controversy or they require integration with some other rulemaking process. So this is a tsunami of rulemaking that has tipped the Department of Health and Human Services,” said Michael Leavitt, HHS secretary under former President George W. Bush.

Good thing the ObamaCare legislation isn’t super-massively long or anything, otherwise, this could force government employees to actually work long hours.

You know that the 10% tanning tax will be implemented on time starting July 1, though. And tanning salons start laying off employees and closing shop July 2.

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