Obama’s Chicago Machine Helping Wisconsin Fleebaggers?

Newsradio 620 in Milwaukee has a shocking story about the dirty underground efforts by the Chicago political machine loyal to Rahm Emanuel and President Obama that is apparently applying its dark arts again, this time assisting the leftist, fleebagging Wisconsin State Senators in their efforts to thwart the democratic process in the Badger State.

WTMJ is reporting that State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R, Juneau) is saying that organizers attached to Obama is purposefully trying to help the recall effort against GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin.

“There’s many people that are beginning to believe this is a delay tactic by the Democrats in the Senate so that these recall elections can be organized by the Obama team out of Chicago, which they are, as we start to do the research on the people that have filed the petition,” Fitzgerald told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s

When asked whether Fitzgerald knew that for a fact, he responded, “The organizer against (River Hills Republican Senator) Alberta Darling definitely has direct links to the Obama camp. There’s no doubt about it. These guys might be out until June. Unfortunately, what they’re trying to do is flip the majority, and I think that’s becoming very evident.”

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This would be quite disgusting of the President, if true. Imagine, a president getting down in the dirt, personally attacking the democratic process in one of our states?

Obama should be ashamed of himself.

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