Obama’s Healthcare Give Away to Union Special Interests

One of Obamacare’s new rules states that if your employer finds it necessary to change healthcare providers to a more cost effective plan they will lose their federal health plan exemptions. This will cause employers to drop employees from health plans forcing workers onto government sponsored plans. So much for Obama’s hoary idea that you can “keep your doctor if you like him.”

Of course, this harmful new rule only applies to 80 percent of America’s workforce because the other 20 percent, those that are union members, are getting a special deal from their pal Barack Obama.

At issue is the definition of the “grandfathered” health plan which is different for those plans initiated by collective bargaining and those simply instituted by an employer. The requirements for unions have been made far less stringent than those of non-union employers.

So, while non-union employers will be faced with being stuck with the plans they have with no ability to change them to more cost effective plans or face losing them altogether, unions won’t be held to those same restrictions and can change plans at will.

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As the article at Investor’s Business Daily reports, “69% of employer plans — 80% for small firms — would forfeit grandfather rights in the worst-case scenario.”

Once again we see the Obama administration making it harder on the business community, giving breaks and handouts to unions, and lying about the fact that his Obamacare policies are anything less than a full government takeover of America’s healthcare system.

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