Obama’s Latest Plan to Destroy the Second Amendment Without Input From Congress

Obama is at it again. Like all liberals, he knows that he can’t get his radical, anti-American agenda passed the legal way by making laws through our duly elected representatives, so he is trying to use regulations to pass his gun banning policies.

As Randy DeSoto reports

The Hill reports that the Justice Department will move forward with more than a dozen gun-related regulations. The first round is expected to be finalized by November, with the rest implemented by the end of Obama’s term in office.

“It’s clear President Obama is beginning his final assault on our Second Amendment rights by forcing his anti-gun agenda on honest law-abiding citizens through executive force,” said Luke O’Dell, vice president of political affairs at the National Association for Gun Rights.

Many of the changes were called for following the Sandy Hook shooting three years ago. Gun control advocates made a major push in Congress to place new restrictions on the sale and ownership of guns, including the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. The measures were defeated in the Senate and never had a vote in the House.

The newest way that Obama and his Constitution-hating cohorts in the gun ban lobby are trying to eliminate our rights is by an extremely loose and illicit definition of who should be declared to “mentally unfit” to be allowed their Second Amendment rights.

Obama and other liberals state lawmakers (such as in California) are adding dozens of categories to just who qualifies as “mentally unfit” and the categories are getting so elastic that just about anyone qualifies these days.

Warner Todd Huston

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