Obama’s Lincoln/Railroad Gaffe, why Did Old Media Ignore This?

In keeping with the many dozens of gaffes that Obama has made over the years, Verum Serum found another one from last February that has, with the help of the Old Media, slipped under the radar. Just more proof that Obama’s constant gaffes go unreported by the Old Media while they search high and low for the same sort of misspeaking from Republicans and conservatives.

Apparently the smartest president in history thought that Abe Lincoln built an intercontinental railroad in the midst of the Civil War.

Listen, Abraham Lincoln helped build the interstate, er the intercontinental railroad in the middle of the Civil War because he understood this was going to be important.

For being the smartest person in human history, Obama sure can be a dope sumtimes, kain’t he?

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Sorry, Mr. President, but the fact is that there was no intercontinental railroad built by Abe Lincoln. Lincoln did have a hand in assisting America’s first transcontinental railroad to get built.

Even so, it was not finished until years after the Civil War and years after Lincoln’s assassination.

Now, as VS notes, this was just a simple slip of the tongue. It is easy to mix up “inter” with “trans,” to be sure. Not really a big deal, truthfully. I am sure he meant transcontinental.

But the left’s “gotcha” machine is in high gear for anyone that might be considered a Republican or a conservative. The left’s handmaidens in the Old Media are keeping a sharp eye out for anyone on the right side of the aisle who might perpetrate a misspeak or two.

Remember Palin’s Paul Revere incident or Bachmann’s John Wayne comment? These comments were used by the Old Media for days and days of finger pointing and laughing. Yet, strangely, Obama’s “intercontinental” comment has never seen the light of day until VS noticed it.

It just goes to show how lopsided the Old Media’s coverage really is.

(Original source of, and full video here)

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