Obama’s Plan To Make Your Electric Bills Jump 60 Percent

Obama’s Plan To Make Your Electric Bills Jump 60 Percent

Only a few days ago I wrote about how Obama’s new EPA rules would force Americans to pay up to 60% more on their electric bills. This weekend, the Chicago Tribune said the same thing.

Leading off saying, “Consumers could see their electricity bills jump an estimated 40 to 60 percent in the next few years,” the Trib went on to highlight the same destructive EPA rules I wrote about on Friday.

Coal-fired plants historically have been one of the cheapest ways to generate electricity, but operating costs are expected to increase significantly because of upgrades needed on older plants to meet new environmental regulations. The Illinois Power Agency estimates that by 2017 the energy portion of bills could jump 65 percent from today’s rates.

But one thing the Tribune did not mention. Obama campaigned on forcing us to pay that 60% more on our electric bills. Obama wants to bankrupt the electric industry, he wants us to lose jobs, he wants us to be soaked to pay more for our energy. He wants this because he feels America should be taken down a notch or two He wants to hobble this country. It’s what he’s said since day one…

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Obama promised to bankrupt our energy producers, he wants us to pay through the nose, he insists that our nation be burdened with multiple layers of regulations, and he wants us to be hurting. Barack Obama wants this nation to be poorer. It is pretty plain.

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