During Obama’s Speech at Democratic Campaign Rally, Crowd Does an About Face for Dear Leader

In a rare appearance Sunday (all that golfing gets in the way), Obama stopped off in Maryland to stump for Democrats. A man who was deified by the Left, had people swooning in the aisles and bowing before him, is now having people walk out on him even before he’s done with his latest lie. My, how the mighty have fallen and fast — my guess, he’s not radical enough for em.

People depart the gymnasium while President Barack Obama makes a campaign speech for
Maryland gubernatorial Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown at an Early Vote Rally at
Dr. Henry Wise High School in Upper Marlboro, Md., Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. (Image source: AP/Cliff Owen)

From The Blaze:

During President Barack Obama’s speech at a Maryland Democratic campaign rally Sunday, crowd members departed while he spoke — an action that “underscored his continuing unpopularity,” Reuters reported.

Despite the fact that Democratic candidates have by and large avoided appearing with Obama on the trail, Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown — who’s running for governor — was not one of them, Reuters added.

But as Obama spoke at the rally for Brown in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, near Washington, a “steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium,” Reuters noted, adding that a heckler also interrupted him.

“There are no excuses,” Obama said, according to Reuters. “The future is up to us.”

Reportedly, as Obama opened his pie hole, his subjects headed for the doors in droves:

President Obama was in Maryland on Sunday night to speak at a rally for Governor Anthony Brown. When it was Obama’s turn to take the podium, something strange occurred. People began to head for the exits. In droves.

White House pool reporter Jeff Mason described the exodus as “weird.”

It was if the reporters couldn’t believe their eyes.

Obama hasn’t veered far enough into Marxist collectivism for these entitled sycophants — although he has tried, I’ll give him that. Perhaps he needs to throw around some more freebies and open his stash to his once-adoring grovelers. Sigh… what’s a tyrant to do? No matter how much he lies and steals for the Left, it just isn’t enough and they clamor: ‘what have you done for us lately?’

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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