Obama’s Texas School Visit: Hi Kids, Let’s Read a Story About Me!

Can anyone be this arrogant? President Obama visited with some school children in Texas on Wednesday and read a nice little story book to the kiddies. Guess who the star of the book was? You guessed it, himself.

Obama was visiting an early education program Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas and chose to read a book about presidential first dog Bo to a small group of three to five-year-old children. Naturally, the book features a double page spread drawing of the president himself.

Yep, once again it’s all about me, me, me with this president.

As Jim Hoft notes, this isn’t the only time Obama has read a book about himself to school children. Last December Obama read the children’s book published under his name titled, “Of Thee I Sing.”

What self-absorption. What arrogance. What narcissism. And how creepy.

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