Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy Shows Again

Barack Obama once again shows his fecklessness and weakness in foreign policy with a decision by the State Department to allow the Palestinian Mission in Washington D.C. to fly the flag of its non-existent country.

Recently the flag of the Palestinian Authority was authorized for display by the State Dept. even though there is no such country as Palestine and the U.S. government does not officially recognize it as such. The State Dept. also agreed to upgrade its designation of the Palestinian mission to that of a “General Delegation.”

The State Dept. claimed that this was “an improvement in relations” with the Palestinians.

The Obama administration has been meekly asking that the Palestinian Authority engage in direct face-to-face negotiations with Israel, but PA President Mahmoud Abbas has rebuffed all requests.

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And now, in a weak-kneed effort to plead with the PLA, Obama has made moves to reward the Palestinians with even more favorable treatment even as they have yet to accede to any of the west’s entreaties. Why is Obama continuing to treat what is essentially a terrorist agency with ever increasing levels of legitimacy while we refuse to even move our U.S. embassy in Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East, to her chosen capitol?

Once again Barack Obama proves the Islamist’s claim that the U.S. is a “weak horse” in the Middle East.

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