Occupy Boston Ruins Food Bank Fundraiser, Conservatives Step in With $3,700 Fund Drive

The Greater Boston Food Bank intended to have a fundraising event in Boston’s Dewey Square over the weekend of the 14th of October. It was to be called the “Greenway Mobile Food Fest” and was supposed to help raise funds to feed the poor and needy. But due to the tantrums being thrown by the Occupy Boston protestors the event had to be canceled.

Despite the selfishness of these pointless, clueless protesters, though, conservative bloggers stepped in and raised over $3,000 for the food bank. An important question is, where is the media on this story? Isn’t this a perfect sort of human-interest story that media types usually love?

The media should love this. It’s got clueless, uninformed, cretins hurting an organization that helps feed the needy. It has a more caring group rising to the challenge to help replace those lost donations. Perfect story, right?

Ah, except that it is conservatives in the role of good guy and the Old Media can’t have that, now can they?

Now, the anti-capitalists of the so-called “Occupy” events pretend that they are for the downtrodden, the low man on the totem pole. But in Boston the Occupy-Whatevers were more interested in their tantrums than in actually helping anyone. So, the food bank and the small-business festival associated with it lost out to those selfish whiners that claim to be for “the little man.” Nice, eh?

Conservatives to the rescue

Once Brandon Kiser of The Right Sphere found out about the loss the food bank was about to suffer at the hands of the Occupy-Whatevers, he sprang into action asking his readers and friends to donate to the food bank to help it make up at least some of the donations it was going to lose because of the protest.

Kiser was shocked and gratified when his efforts and those of his conservative friends raised $3,700 for the food bank. And more will be raised as Kiser turned the donating over straight to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

So, at least the food bank didn’t lose everything. And isn’t it wonderful to see some real action during these protests for a change? Too bad nothing worthy is coming from the Occupy-Whatevers.

Sadly, it isn’t just the food bank that is losing out. The taxpayers are also in the hole thanks to these people.

On top the food banks loss, the city of Boston says that it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the public space infested by the protests and to pay for the overtime of government employees like Police and maintenance workers. A city already strapped for cash is going to be in even worse shape thanks to these clueless people.

I suppose it isn’t surprising that conservatives rose to this challenge in Boston. After all, we all know that conservatives donate more to charity anyway, don’t we?

Of course, you too can donate to help show these leftists that conservatives don’t just gather to whine and destroy public parks. We actually do worthy things to help our fellow man. You can donate to the Greater Boston Food Bank using this link: https://my.gbfb.org/donate.

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