Oh, Snap: Left Is “Genetically Disappointed”

First we found out that there was a liberal gene, which makes those with it more predisposed to being wishy washy knee jerk reflexive buffoons wearing European manbags, whining about climate change while listening to the radio in the SUV, complaining about tax cuts for the rich and hiding their money in offshore account, oh, and seething anger. Now we find out

Democrats know Barack Obama needs to reconcile with dispirited liberals. But some of them wonder whether televised couple’s therapy with Jon Stewart days before the midterms was the ideal way to do it.

Obama, according to his aides, knew exactly what he was getting into when he descended into the surprisingly inhospitable “Daily Show” den Wednesday night. They say he actually welcomed Stewart’s at times uncomfortable public airing of Democratic family tensions — and the mutual expression of disappointment between Obama and his base, represented by the suddenly un-comedic Stewart.

But while White House officials on Thursday described Obama’s appearance on the show an air-clearing “success,” it was also stark proof that Obama can’t expect the same got-your-back support from the progressive media as George W. Bush enjoyed from conservative TV and radio hosts.

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The left is genetically disappointed, with or without Obama, so Obama needs to face the fact that we are not going to roll over like conservatives did with Bush,” says liberal radio host Bill Press.

First, did Team Obama really think they were going to get the hard questions and treatment from Stewart? Doubtful. They assuredly thought it would be another cake walk, like they get from the Big 3 networks, CNN, and MSNBC. Second, when the choice is John Kerry, crazy progressives, or George Bush, yeah, we have to go with George Bush, despite him being Liberal Lite on domestic issues. Third, is it really genetic? Or nurture? Eh, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Liberals live in a constant world of outrage and depression. Something is always wrong, and they always find a way to look at the crummy side of life.

They also live in Delusion Land

“Jon Stewart is right,” Green says. “President Obama could have fought for and passed the public option, a more effective stimulus, and… he refused to step on Republican toes, pre-emptively caved to senators with no mandate to oppose him, and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes as Democratic candidates across the country face an uninspired electorate as a result.

Refused to step on Republican toes? Mr “I Won”?

“Democrats need to learn the right lesson from this year’s election, which is voters will show up if you fight harder for a popular progressive agenda.”

Uh huh. Delusion Land. Have fun believing that after the “bloodbath.”

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